What Is A WordPress Blog Can Help You Make Money Online?

When it comes to the WordPress blogging platform ever so popular, there are differences and similarities with WordPress.com and WordPress.org. One thing is certain, and it is the quality of the performance of WordPress, in general, makes available to bloggers around the world. This article compares and contrasts dot com dot org and WordPress blog and how individuals can become an important tool to make money online.

WordPress Events

When you try to make money online bloggers, the blog revealed that WordPress is a blog of today's leaders! WordPress.com WordPress.org and are both owned by the creators themselves. Fine Automattic managers responsible for the development of every blogging platform. Even more impressive is the fact that both are free Blogger software!

WordPress Themes

The theme of my blog, your blog or even a corporate blog compliments the message of national leadership of the site and can be to convince the site visitor, or even off. Raved WordPress blog themes are varied in color, function, style and prices to suit your fancy.

A disappointing difference between the two environments is that WordPress.com does not allow items to be downloaded to your WordPress blog. Even if a user has access to hundreds of free Wordpress themes and many developers are available, do not benefit from the possibility of installing a theme for your WordPress site. This can be a bit worrying that the new WordPress themes are readily available or you can even create a custom theme WordPress compatible!

Wordpress site costs

Often it may be inevitable that spend money, when you try to make money. Although WordPress.org enables blog owners can download and edit the WP theme on this blog should have a web hosting so that it can be published online. It is a necessary expenditure of this wordpress blog site, and can start at $ 7 - $ 12 per month. In addition to download and install the WP.org in the hosting account may be a little 'intimidating for some.

WordPress.com blogging to make money is not related to web hosting costs! This blog is ready for use once the account is properly verified.

WordPress Plugins

A WP plugin is simply a complement to the existing software that complements the role and improving the WordPress blog is in some way. Some anti-spam plugins, or back up your WP blog.

WP.org blog to give users the ability to apply the new plugin WP.com does not. One of the cheapest plugin bloggers seeking money from All-in-One SEO Pack This plugin allows the contents of sub-optimal. Another plugin is the ShareThis button to install blogs, social media. These two plugins have the advantage of having a WordPress blog WP.org experts. WP.com Unfortunately, there is a plug-in features.

WordPress Money Making Opportunities

Blogs and affiliate programs, or cost-per-action programs are a winning combination! Google AdSense is a favorite blogger affiliate program. Network traffic bloggers', will reward you with money when they click on Google AdSense ads for the entire blog. Unfortunately, the Google AdSense can not be included in the platform WordPress.com. In addition, a direct affiliate link or banner affiliate exposure can not be there either.

You might wonder about the WP.com useful if you can not use it to display money connections. The dot com WordPress blog can be an arsenal of weight backlinking for any blogger who wants to make money online!

Knowing that WordPress is an optimization search engines and indexes rather quickly, not being able to connect the affiliate products, and so on should not be put off using the money to the candidates for this wonderful tool. Write messages about an affiliate product, or cost-per-action form, and then linking that WP.com post on your site with an affiliate link or the actual cost-per-action is in the form of a strategically brilliant!

The dot com WordPress blog can have no follow links that will vote for powerful search engines. The more you use WP.com blog to link to your website that your site is worthy of attention or to be entered on the first page of search engine. Such a position should result in targeted website traffic. Ultimately, this traffic could convert into sales!

WordPress.org do not allow the use of affiliate links, Google AdSense, or cost per action opt-in forms. This WordPress blog, you can affiliate parade banners, ads, text ads and much more. But without backlinks WP.org a blog can not be effective. About a WP.com blog is used some form of link back, site traffic and sales due to massive backlinks.

So you see, is a WP.com blog easy to start and maintain. But it has its limitations with WP themes, plugins missing, and can not house affiliate links, affiliate banners, or cost per action forms. WP.org the other hand, requires an interview is to get going and keep it. However, cough and advertising affiliate products such as Google AdSense. Although both WordPress.com and WordPres.org have many similarities and differences when it comes to making money through blogs each has its own unique work and is essential for any campaign to make money !