More Blogging More Traffic More Money

The first thing in the mind of a blogger.

The first thing in mind of a blogger is "how and where to get those massive traffic". Where would  he start, what would he do to get those massive traffic. To get those massive traffic the first thing and the most important thing to do is to have a good and informative articles. Articles that will make the reader go back and spread those information that he found on your web site.

To do this you have ask your self, "what subject or what field of expertise do i have or i love". You have to write all those things that you know in order to excite your readers and make your site as their  future reference.
Always remember this:   Quality blogging > Massive Traffic > More Money.

What is the use of a great blogger without an audience.

After building a good content you will now start the technique called SEO or Search Engine Optimization, this technique is used to invite massive traffic to your website. There are two types of SEO, the onsite and offsite SEO.

The onsite SEO is a technique of adding the most important keywords into your site and into your contents. Example if your site is about "newbies money making online", you have to add the key words "newbie", "money", "making", "generate", "online" etc. to your contents, but beware of stacking them too much because your readers might be annoyed by that, keep it as strategic and as little as possible.

The offsite SEO is another technique in search engine optimization. The principle of this technique is to spread the links to your website and tell the world that your site exist and you have this great content waiting to be unleashed.

There are so many ways of doing offsite SEO.
  • Giving comment to posts that has relevance to your  topic, but make sure you don't spam this too much or you might end up being banned on those sites. Give comments that will praise the author or give some tips and information that will encourage other users to go visit your links.
  • Registering your  site to search engines, the fastest way to do this is via:
  • Use email news letter that will promote your blog.
  • Exchanging links to your fellow bloggers that has relevance to your topic.
  • Getting active in an online communities and register in an online traffic boosting sites such as:
  1. trafficswarm
  2. trafficroundup
  3. trafficpods
  • Send articles to article directories such as:
The technique of link building are endless!  you just have to be creative in doing this. Keep spreading you links and in time, you will see the exponential amount of traffic that will storm your site.

When massive traffic comes. 

When the time has come that your blog site is already generating a massive amount of traffic. This is the time to monetize your site. This is the time to promote adds to your blog. This is the time to tap that potential energy(massive traffic) and make it to an income generating blog, converting massive traffic to huge amount of money!.