Making Money Online and Backlinks

The role of backlinks in your quest to making money online. What are backlinks? backlinks are inbound links or links outside your site that points into your site. Therefore it is you're ticket to get massive ammount traffic. The more traffic. The more money. What are backlinks for? as for  Google, backlinks are very important in getting a good page rank in your niche. The more backlinks you have, the higher your Google page rank will be, depending on the quality of your content and the relevance of your keywords to your content.

What are the ways to get backlinks.

The method of getting backlinks can be divided into two. One is the blackhat method, Second is the whitehat method. Blackhat method is a method of getting thousands of backlinks by the use of automated softwares and bots which is obviously bad in the eyes of Google. Backlinks by the use of blackhat method will get your site banished in Google index, of course you would not want that to happen to your site. I recommend that you use whitehat methods on building your backlinks.

Ways of getting backlinks in a whitehat method.
  • Write quality contents that will make other sites link to you. 
  • Submit to major search engine directories.
  • Submit articles to popular web article sites.
  • Create linkbaits.
  • Post informative comments to other blogs that is relative to your niche.
  • Link exchange with other blogs or sites that is relative to your niche.
  • Submit your to blog directories.
  • Use Social Bookmarking sites.
  • Make a guest postings to other sites.
  • Encourage people to syndicate your content though RSS feeds.

Getting quality backlinks in a white hat method requires a lot of work and patience, but  it is all worth it because the price for your success is very high.

The Right Niche to Make Money Online

When the idea of blogging to make money online gets into your mind. The first thing that you will think of is the great title of your blog a.k.a. niche. What is a niche? as i said it is the title, the topic, the subject that you will talk about on your blog. The passion that is hidden inside you.

What is the Right Niche for you.

To get the right niche is to ask your self. What  are the subjects am I interested with. What are the skill that I have. What are the knowledge that i want to share to my beloved readers. If you answered this question honestly, then you will have no problems in finding the right niche for you. If not, then you have to dig deeper into your self to find out what the things that you have the passion to talk about.

The next step after getting the Right Niche.

The next step is to ask Google about the keywords that is searched the most about your chosen niche. You can do this by searching the word "google addwords keywords tool". Click on the first link that Google returns to you. Now search the word or phrase that is related to your niche. Look at the returned list of keywords and how many times these keywords were searched in a month. Pay attention to the results because this is the indication if your niche will make money online or not. The most searched key words that are related to your niche is the keywords that you must use consistently on your blog, this will help you improve your Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Consider the competition behind your Right Niche.

Google your niche, research about the competition that you will get into. Analyze the all the data that you found. If you feel that you can deal with the competition, spend a lot of time and hard work into it, then do not hesitate to do it. Don't worry all  rewards will come after you have done all the necessary work.

Start blogging with you niche!

Now that  you have the right niche and the right keywords, you are now in the right time to start blogging. Start writing quality content about your niche, make it fresh and as informative as possible for your readers. Make your content stand out among other blogs. Unleash your passion about your niche. Always remember in Making Money Online "Content is king!".

Make Money Online and Freelance Programming

Freelance programming is a type of money making online that requires a little bit of programing skill. If you dont have any, don't loose hope yet. There are so many online tutorials about different kinds of computer programming, you just have to choose one that's best for you. I recommend that you start learning at  w3schools and work your way up to learning other programming languages.

What do you need to make money as a freelance programmer. 

Obviously you need a computer and a fair level of programming skills. Signup for a PayPal account because many freelancing sites gives your payment through PayPal.  Next is to build a portfolio, the portfolio is your is  proof  that you have programming skill and to tell clients that you know what your doing. After completing your portfolio, you  have to register to a freelancing site to start getting clients.

How do you get clients as a freelance programmer.

Once you get an account at freelancing sites, search for a project that you can deliver on time. I recommend that you select those project that are very easy for you and bid for it. There are lots of competitor here so what you got to do is build your reputation first, get the trust and confidence of your clients. There are ways to get a project. One is to bid for a fairly low price than your fellow freelance programmer. Another is to pay the site a few dollars to endorse you  and position you to the top of the list of bidders. This way you can make money as you build your reputation.

Where to go from a freelance programmer.

I recommend you to become an iPhone application developer. You can visit for details on how to become one, and get all the tools and support you need. With a newly acquired skill you can develop different kinds of iPhone application as well as games, and put them in the store to make money for  in every download.

Here are some lists of freelance programmer sites.

Make Money Online by Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are a fast mode of making making online, if you are jobless, still searching for an online job and want fast money then paid surveys are for you. There are so many sites that offer paid surveys all you have to do is to sign up an account to there website. Depending on a website, some lets you wait until a survey is available for you and some lets you choose a survey list with a corresponding money that you will receive upon completing the survey like this paid survey website cashcrate.

What is the purpose of Paid surveys.

Genuine paid surveys came from U.S. market research companies. Big companies that offer incentives  in exchange for your personal data, and filling up their survey forms. Some paid surveys are used for the development of specific products and services, some are for statistics.
Respondents will receive payment for the purpose of ensuring that they will get data as accurate as possible.

Things to be aware of in getting to Paid Surveys.

Most online paid surveys are genuine, but be aware of scams. Some paid surveys asks for your membership payment or credit card information. Do not fall for this, these site are scams.

Remember that you are on those sites to earn money, not to spend money. Some paid surveys disappears upon completing their needed surveys, therefore leaving respondents unpaid.

What would you do to avoid scams on Paid Surveys.

First of all you have to verify the credibility of the paid survey site that you want to sign up. You have to do a research about that paid survey site. See if that site is ranking on Google. Read forums about that site, know the feedback of those people who already used the paid survey site. You have to do your homework.

Making Money Online By Writing Articles

Are you the man who enjoys writing. The man that uses proper grammar.  Are you the man who can create a unique and quality article. The man who can make 5 - 15 articles per day. The man who can write product and business review articles. The man who understands the importance of keyword densities and can meet tough deadlines.  If you are that guy, then this money making tutorial is definitely for you.

Writing article as a freelancer.

Writing as a freelancer doesn't just  require speed in creating articles, you need a unique and quality writing. In this kind of job your number one rule is to avoid grammar mistakes. You must spend sometime reviewing the fundamentals of writing and grammar, you have to master this art to perfection to achieve success in this kind of profession.

The task of an article freelancer.

As a freelance article writer you will be given a task to write an article or a review on a certain product or business. Therefore you have to be resourceful,  you have to research about the subject matter. As an article freelancer that have many competitors, you have to be creative in writing your article. Be unique, approach it in a different way. Make your article standout among other reviews so that you employer will give you a higher rating and a positive feedback. Positive feedback is very important for your future employment.

Writing an article for your own blog a.k.a. blogging.

Writing an article for your own blog is a not as hard as it seems and the return of investment is good. You will earn money by writing an article for your readers. You can choose any kind of subject that you like, a subject that you have a passion in writing and sharing about it. The good thing is that as long as you got your articles, and you still generating readers to it, you will be earning money overtime. Read my More Blogging More Traffic More Money article for information on how to generate traffic to your site.

Here are some sites where you can write articles and make money.

Making Money Online and Photography

Making Money Online by using you photography skills, isn't that wonderful to hear!. Your getting paid for doing what you love. In this age of digital camera everyone will get the chance to take photographs of their favorite subjects and earn money from it. One way is to upload your photos to a Microstock sites.

What is a Microstock site. 
Microstock is the name of websites that sells different kinds of photographs and illustrations in a very low price. The concept for this is that instead of selling each photograph in a high price once, why not sell it for a low price but in a number of times. Making money online by just sitting back, isn't that sweet.

What do you Need to Earn Money on Microstock sites.
  • Obviously you need a decent camera, at least 4 megapixel in resolution. 
  • A know how, you need to know the basics of photography, rule of thumbs, proportionality, lighting etc.
  • Passion on photography, this is your core. This is where you will be getting your strength in hard times.
  • A time to take photos, hundreds or even  thousands of photos.
  • A decent internet access fast enough to upload your photos.

The Strategy to Make Money Online on Microstock sites.
  • You have to get a high approval rate on your photo uploads so that you will be given more photo upload limit in the future. To get this you have to be very careful of uploading your photos, choose your best photographs to prevent denials. High percentage of denials on you uploads will result to a lesser upload limit per day. 
  • To earn money on microstock sites you have to do this by the numbers, the more photographs that you upload the higher the chance of getting more money. 
  • Be patient and build your portfolio one day at a time. 
  • Upload your photos on different sites, different sites have different rules but they will still pay you for each photo of yours that they will sell.
  • Upon uploading your photograph, you have to choose your keywords carefully. Your keywords must only describe the things that can be seen on your photograph. Put as many keywords as you can that describes your photograph because this is the key that will help buyers find your photograph.
  • Retouch your photos, edit it as much as you can to make it pleasing to the eyes of the buyers. Learning to use photo editing tools will help you very much in this kind of business.
  • Continue learning, continue to improve your skills.
  • Get to know people, know what others are doing.

Here are List of Microstock sites that you might wanna start from.