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Hubpages Concluded

Adsense earnings have taken off again. I’ve thought long and hard about the fact that I’m publishing my earnings and I don’t think it’s a good idea anymore for many obvious reasons. Besides every lazy fuck in the world directly trying to copy my niches every time I post my earnings and Google’s every increasing watchful eyes, I’m getting pretty damn paranoid.

After this, I won’t talk about what I’m making with Hubpages directly or post anymore shots of my Adsense. The fact that I have nicely shown people you can make money with Hubpages has already been causing me a lot of grief – so much grief, I was actually considering shutting this site down completely yesterday. I decided to keep it open because Grizzly has pretty much abandoned his blogs (it seems). And I can see exactly why.

I suppose two years of that was enough for him. I’ve been giving out valuble information that works and can make money, and I’m getting screwed over for it in a big way. Even worse, I’m not even getting paid to be screwed over. For every 100 people you spend your time helping, there are 5 assholes wanting to screw you. 95% of the people might be swell, but there is always some destitute person from punngidabistan who only want’s to put make enough so he doesn’t have to spent 18 hours working in a factory producing some nike shoes. Well, I understand the problem; but the problem is, he’s stealing my fucking 18 hours of work to lessen his — and I’m the one whose done all the real work.

I posted this against my better judgment because there are a lot of people who have lost their jobs or are going through financial difficulties. I want to give these people some hope that, yes, even if you are not seeing results, work your ass off and don’t give up, results will come. If you approach making money only on instant results, you will get disillusioned and fail. Why, because it isn’t so clear cut. Some people can find instant results, some people take longer – much longer.

I used to work on a farm. A farmer does not plant a single seed, or even a handful of seeds, and expect an instant crop. No, the farmer throws down vast quantities of seed and waits patiently. You never know what type of harvest you are going to get. Yes, one seed may really produce something special, other times it takes many seeds to get a decent crop. Sometimes, nothing pops up. But you can’t plant a couple seeds and expect a crop, and you certainly can’t expect instant results. These things take time to develop.

I set up on my goal to make a full time income from Hubpages May 15th. And I have accomplished my goal with Hubpage earnings shooting far above $100 USD a day. So please people, no more questions about doing hubpages this way because Jack D says this or doing them this way because James T said that. I’m making a lot of money with Hubpages and I doubt anyone else out there on the web can match me in terms of hub revenue. I can confidently say that I know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to earning with hubs. It’s all there for free in my blogs guys. Apply what I suggest and you can make money too. I did and am.

So, I won’t be talking any more about Hubpages from now on. I think I’ve said all I want to say on the subject. What’s in the future? I’m going to be taking my Hubpage earnings beyond what anyone may think possible – but I’m not going to talk about it publically from now on. Just to a select group of friends.

I’m also going to spend some significant time investing in other platforms like Info barrel, Squidoo, blogger blogs, and my own self hosted blogs. I’m also going to be spending a lot of time master affiliate selling, since you can easily make more money than Adsense if you do it right. Diversity is guy guys, never forget that. Spend at least 50% of your time developing your own properties/other platforms other than Hubpages.

If you don’t know already, ebay has banned people from using affiliate links to ebay from all sites that you won. That means you can no longer use Hubpages, Squidoo (it’s still out where Squidoo is included), info barrel, blogger blogs, Twitter to market eBay products. Guys, it goes without saying that there are people who are losing their shirts right now because they ONLY have mini sites with ebay affiliate links.

What did I say about not having all your eggs in one basket? What did I say about NOT trusting your livelihood to one source? Why the fuck am I making an attempt to master affiliate selling and creating my OWN sites. Because when you use a 3rd party they have their hand resting on your balls (sorry ladies). If they start to squeeze, you’re going to squeal long and hard.
Content is King or Crap?

Both actually. Ok, here’s the deal. I’ve been harping that you should write for Adsense, and it’s true. If you are making small time earnings, then you probably need every click you can get. But writing crap will get you crap in the end.

Yes, I know, why am I now telling you this especially after posting that content was crap. Well, the difference was, I wasn’t making almost 5k a month in Adsense earnings.

That’s a pretty big difference.

That also means I have to be very very careful what I say here on this blog. A lot of my SEO friends have gone under the radar – Grizzly has abandoned his blogs and people I know are getting deindexed left and right.

I make 0 money from this blog and I don’t really rank for any MMO terms. I should be getting far more search traffic than I am, but I have a sneaky suspicion Google has sandboxed this blog because of my content and associate with Grizzly.

I certainly cannot make any money from this site via Google. And frankly, there is no way in hell I am slapping my Adsense onto this blog even if I was ranking high. So, I’m not going to risk my financial future by getting bitch slapped around by Google.

Back when the only person who knew about my blog was me and…me, I could get away with saying those things. But now, I’m pretty sure Google is watching what I’m saying. I’d rather not wake up to find my Adsense account banned and all my sites deindexed. So if that means I have to eat a bit of crow and tell you to write quality content, so be it.

Folks, the more money I make, the more I see it’s about the bigger picture. Sure you can get your hand all dirty trying to climb out of the mud and clean yourself off after, but I think it’s better for the long term to keep yourself squeaky clean. This has especially become apparent now that I have close to 700 web properties and soon will have thousands in the next couple months.

Google’s goal is to satisfy the needs of the searcher. If you write drivel, yes, it’s possible to get that drivel onto the front page and score insane amounts of clicks as people try to get the fuck out or your site. But the problem is, when a Google Engineer visits, they won’t be clicking on an ad, they’ll be clicking the fucking deindex button.

Every article your write, try to deliver value to your visitors. Give them something they are looking for – it’s doesn’t have to be the whole deal, but enough that you are offering some value. All my web properties are like that, but I’m going to be working extra hard to make sure everything can pass a visual. When I was sitting with a couple bucks a day with my Adsense, that wasn’t a bit deal. But with close to $150 Adsense days, and potential some 300-500 Adsense days in a few months, I want to be so squeaky clean, Google can see their own reflection in the mirror.

I know I was going to talk about Blackhat technique, auto blogs, etc, but I’m going to X all that. This is going to be a white hat blog only, and I’m only going to teach you guys sustainable methods that won’t fuck you up in the long run.
Think Big, Get Big. Think Small, Be Fucking Small

One of the things that disturbs me in the IM world is how small people think. People think in terms of a couple dozen sites when they should be thinking hundreds – or thousands. Folks, I’m thinking thousands.

Guys, you need to expand your horizons. I don’t care if you’re a housewife who’s never been to college. It doesn’t take college or education to make you imaginative and to have great ideas.

Frankly, I have three degrees in different fields (well, 2 and ¾ of the third) and I’ve been at university for 9 years. I think it was a waste of time. So you don’t have to be educated to think “big.” You just need to have some imagination.

One thing that I notice is there’s a heard mentality. Everyone wants to follow the latest craze. Everyone one wants to follow some Guru. I see it all the time. Guru Jack is doing this, so we should do this too. Big Joe is making 4k a month doing this, so we should do that.

You have to find your own way of doing things. Sure you may fail, but you may not. And you may discover something completely new.

I’ve learned everything I know from Grizzly, but my methods are radically different. I’m not doing what he does exactly, and I never will. And nether should you.

Don’t get caught up in someone’s method or someone strategies guys. There are a million and one different ways to make money one the way, and a million different paths to each goal. Learn as much as you can about all aspects of IM: Adsense marketing, affiliate marketing, niche blogging, domain flipping, PPC, etc. The more you know, the better off you will be. Don’t pigeon hole yourself into a single “formula” or method. Use and adapt, adapt and evolve. That’s they key to making money online.

If you only follow the path someone lays out for you and never deter, you limit yourself. Take what people teach you and run with it. But make it your God damn own method. I don’t want to train followers here; I want to train leaders – people who will pioneer new ways to do things. New ways to make money. This is why I follow the blackhat community somewhat – if at a distance, of course. Because they are constantly on the offensive, pioneering new ways to screw money out of Google. A blackhatter that doesn’t evolve, is a blackhatter that’s broke.

Too many people in the IM world claim a hill and sit on it, failing to look beyond for a bigger mountain to tackle. They don’t realize that a mountain is never stable, never solid. Mountains shift constantly, growing or shrinking. If you sit one and don’t keep climbing, you may find it starts to sink on you. Always aim upward.

I want to talk about links here. I think with my talk about volume that people may be missing the value of links. As I’ve stated, there are really two models to make money online with niche marketing. One is through vast quantities and the other is through a few high yielding sites.

You can make money without using too much in the way of SEO by sheer quantity. This is a viable method as I’m finding out, but it requires 100x the effort. You don’t need any as many backlinks to make money, but you make up the time you save backlinking writing content and producing sites.

There are two ways with the volume method here. You can make 20-100 small self hosted niche sites that you SEO high enough to squeeze out a few bucks per site — maybe 10-20 bucks each if you are lucky, thus getting a very good full time income, or you can just spend vast amounts of time spitting out content, using the domain authority of trusted social sites, ala hubpages, infobarrel, squidoo, etc to squeeze out little clicks and sales. A few sites wont make you any, but many hundreds and thousands will. Between the two, I’d rather go with less self hosted sites that are SEO’ed — you own your own property.

The other way is to be too look at making high quality, huge authority sites – sites that can rank very high for any related term in the niche. A site like this can generate thousands of dollars a month. It might take 2k mini sites to equal the revenue of a single, strong authority site. Tell me, what would you rather have, several thousand sites the micromanage, or one authority site? Exactly. The key to getting these authorities is backlinks. Not shitty backlinks, but backlinks from authority sites. Strong strong backlinks and lots of shitty ones. These sites can be a lot of work, and you may find out (as is the case for one of mine), that there is no payoff when you rank #1, even if you are an authority site. But if you get it right, you are fucking laughing all the way to the bank.

I’m not dicking around with thousands of mini sites for no reasons folks. My goal is not to own a significant portion of the web in terms of volume. My aim is to make 10-30k a month with small sites in revenue then start to fucking buy every authority site I can get my hands on with cold hard cash. You might want to spend a year or two building an authority site. I’m going to just buy one.

You might wonder why Grizzly owns “Make Money.” It’s because he’s been able to leverage the finances he’s made to outright buy authority sites to give him that term. It’s not always about making blog farms, getting squidoo links, and begging for blog role exchanges guys. You have to apply a business mindset to this game — you can drastically increase you productivity.

I think part of the problem most people in IM is that they don’t think in terms of business. I hate to break it to you non-business folks out there, but IM is a business. A business is all about cost, profit, and efficiency. You pay money to make money. The problem with people who start of in IM is that they are god damn so cheap they stunt their potential growth. Is it worth it to spend 2k dollars to yield 4k? Yes. Is it worth it to spend 2K to save you 4 months of labor so that you can make even more money? Yes and Yes.

Sure, get your feet wet learning the ropes in the IM world, but if you want to make some real money folks, you are going to have to spend money at some point. With all this complaining I hear people make about paying fucking 10 bucks a month for connect content membership, I don’t have a lot of hope here for some people. Some of you guys spend more buying slurpies at 7-11 a month than this. Comeone, there’s cheap and then their’s god damn stupid cheap. You should be selling your child’s soul to be getting as many backlinks as possible — anything that streamlines the process is worth a reasonable amount of money.

IM is cheap in terms of startup costs, but you are going to have to invest in outsourcing, site buying, and other such methods where trading cash for time can drastically increase your productivity.

I’m putting my money where my mouth is. If I make 6k a month in a month from now, it’s all going back into outsourcing. If I make 10k a month in 4 months, 10k a month is going back into buying sites and outsourcing, even if I have to live off of canned tuna and dog food.
Learn how to Really be an Internet Marketer

On a side note, for those people who want to take their keyword research to a level beyond, I suggest looking at Leo Dimilo’s Internet Marketing blog. Most people’s keyword research consists of looking at Google Keyword’s searches and the CPC before launching off into your niche blog production. That works, sure, but that’s like trying to see through window shade — you can make out the general form, but the details guys, the details are missing. The difference can mean success and failure or a CTR that’s through the roof or near the ground. So go learn from one of the best Internet Marketer guides I’ve seen online.
Backlink Experiment

I’m doing an experiment with one of my friends from Web SEO regarding the effectiveness of Backlink networks. Basically, I’m selecting 45 hubs and Web SEO will be submitting, on my behalf, unique articles to AMA, BS, and LinkVana networks for each of those 45 hubs. Over the course of 3 months, this should really increase the traffic and ranking of the hubs. So I’ll be following the progress of these hubs and post some results in a couple months.

Web SEO’s service is very useful for people who want to use backlink networks but can’t afford the monthly fees (which can be substantial). For a reasonable price, you can select which \backlink network you would like to submit your site to (or a combination of them) and supply the keywords and the sites to link to. The guys over at Web SEO will handle the content creation and submission process! A painless way to increase your rankings and traffic, without having to spend all that time writing articles and paying high monthly fees.

Note:  when you go to the Web SEO site, you have to register to see the actual page — the guys want to keep out unwanted visitors. So just register an account to see the actual site.
Other Stuff

My snipers are doing ok. So far, no sales, but I’m getting more traffic an hops. I have roughly 20 sites. I am waaay behind on my goal here, mainly because these take such a long time to create. I need to get my 100 sites out as fast as possible. I’ve also entered some of the most competitive niches, which may not have been a good idea. For my next 80 sites, I’m going to look for obscure but profitable niches to enter into. These sites are all about being able to land on the front page right away for your term – and the term has to be a keyword where people are willing to shell out money. I’m keen to start making money with these, and I’m going to have to really light a fire under my ass to get 100 done soon. I can’t wait for my first sale.

Ok, that’s it for today folks.