Blogging and Making Money Online

Many of us are working an average of 9 hours a day 6 days a week just to earn a few dollars of money, many of us are staying at home and generating almost nothing productive. But in the advent of internet and online technology all of us will get the chance to earn the money or the income we need to live a good life, a great life perhaps. In this site i will teach you how to make money online in a newbie perspective.

Whats the difference between making money online  and making money the traditional way, making  money online gives you the freedom to do what you want to in a day to day basis. You can go anywhere you like and work in the  places your comfortable with. The freedom that the guys earning money in a traditional way does not enjoy. Making money online is a very sweet life because you wont be having a boss at all, you are the boss.

Making money online is great but it is not an easy task. The learning curve is very stiff and rough, you must prepare your self for a tedious task. The task of committing your self to it and love it. You have to learn to love and be passionate on it because its the only way that you will overcome all those unexpected problems that will come with.

There are two kinds of category in making money online:
  •  Sell your own products and services.  The biggest of this sites are ebay and amazon, but here are lists of other sites:
  •  Promote products and services of others. The idea is to set up a site that will encourage a lot of traffic or viewers, viewers that will click your adds and serve as potential costumers to those sites and companies that you are promoting. In return of your services, you will receive a fair amount of money for every click  that your traffic will generate.
      what do you need?
  1. A Paypal account, there are other payment systems such as e-gold and moneybookers but Paypal is the most convenient payment system.
  2. An email account, you can register  for free at and
  3. A free or paid web hosting., and are samples of free web hosting sites.
If you are serious in this kind of activity, you must have a mindset of being diligent and patient. Because in  making money online being smart is not enough.