Making Money Online and Backlinks

The role of backlinks in your quest to making money online. What are backlinks? backlinks are inbound links or links outside your site that points into your site. Therefore it is you're ticket to get massive ammount traffic. The more traffic. The more money. What are backlinks for? as for  Google, backlinks are very important in getting a good page rank in your niche. The more backlinks you have, the higher your Google page rank will be, depending on the quality of your content and the relevance of your keywords to your content.

What are the ways to get backlinks.

The method of getting backlinks can be divided into two. One is the blackhat method, Second is the whitehat method. Blackhat method is a method of getting thousands of backlinks by the use of automated softwares and bots which is obviously bad in the eyes of Google. Backlinks by the use of blackhat method will get your site banished in Google index, of course you would not want that to happen to your site. I recommend that you use whitehat methods on building your backlinks.

Ways of getting backlinks in a whitehat method.
  • Write quality contents that will make other sites link to you. 
  • Submit to major search engine directories.
  • Submit articles to popular web article sites.
  • Create linkbaits.
  • Post informative comments to other blogs that is relative to your niche.
  • Link exchange with other blogs or sites that is relative to your niche.
  • Submit your to blog directories.
  • Use Social Bookmarking sites.
  • Make a guest postings to other sites.
  • Encourage people to syndicate your content though RSS feeds.

Getting quality backlinks in a white hat method requires a lot of work and patience, but  it is all worth it because the price for your success is very high.