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Buying backlinks in SEO industry is a common practice, however, many keep their secrets hidden in the hope of increasing the longevity of their tactics. The truth is that knowledge spread rapidly, so that mine also help others on the road. This distribution is a guide not only the ways to buy backlinks , but the individual networks, which then expand your thought process and allow you to keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques. Suffering from overload link? Relax and realize the different types of blogs …

Backlinks can be of various types and degrees of quality. Normally the quantity rather than deal with the lowest quality they possess. For this reason it is recommended to acquire a mixture of diversifying its portfolio of backlink.

Quality is generally associated with a high PageRank (which is the confidence that Google assigns to a web page)
Commenting on blog – Zeroing in on high page rank links: With this tactic you can find the pages that have built trust existing PageRank, and leave your comment with a backlinks to your site. This instantly gives you the PR of that site as a backlink. A great way to buy these bonds is backlinksforum service, namepros, DigitalPoint, warrior forum and other forums for webmasters.

Commenting on blog – Casting a wide net volume: With the same type of backlink, but a radically different approach of volume, this technique is still effective. For automation and most are going to use a program called Scrapebox you can find links for you to comment and post a link to your site. Like any good program of its value is in its perfection and creating the database. You have to pay for the program, or someone to do this service.

Article Marketing – Take advantage of trusted domains: There’s a reason websites like eHow, upon, technorati, ezine, squidoo, etc. hubpages arise in the search results for buy linkwheel long tail queries (searches with multiple words), and The reason is pagerank and help your new pages, in this case, items of range. The content of these networks must be unique and well written to be accepted. There are a couple hundred dozen professionals at Article 1. These can be seen in directorycritic. When you buy backlinks for these top article directories that usually pay for the content of links inside. If so aim for a minimum of 500 words, but the more the better. If you are buying the content and submission service that will cost a bit more, but completely hands off.

Item Level 1 public directories are few and far between. You can also use private quality article directories such as TMB (Build My Rank) and LV (Link Vana). It is essentially the same as that presented to the public folders, but with a larger distribution and different IP addresses. seo backlinks Article Marketing – Putting the “Bum” Bum Marketing again: If you have exhausted the first level, or just want more diversity from multiple IP link, then use the articles without pagerank (dropout rate is high so that no Use original content). For these levels you want to use content to turn to the Spinner Best or other format centrifuge program. You can buy the program or pay someone to write and turn your items. Make sure to point to the uniqueness of 80% to rotate to extend the life of its content.