Make Money Online and Freelance Programming

Freelance programming is a type of money making online that requires a little bit of programing skill. If you dont have any, don't loose hope yet. There are so many online tutorials about different kinds of computer programming, you just have to choose one that's best for you. I recommend that you start learning at  w3schools and work your way up to learning other programming languages.

What do you need to make money as a freelance programmer. 

Obviously you need a computer and a fair level of programming skills. Signup for a PayPal account because many freelancing sites gives your payment through PayPal.  Next is to build a portfolio, the portfolio is your is  proof  that you have programming skill and to tell clients that you know what your doing. After completing your portfolio, you  have to register to a freelancing site to start getting clients.

How do you get clients as a freelance programmer.

Once you get an account at freelancing sites, search for a project that you can deliver on time. I recommend that you select those project that are very easy for you and bid for it. There are lots of competitor here so what you got to do is build your reputation first, get the trust and confidence of your clients. There are ways to get a project. One is to bid for a fairly low price than your fellow freelance programmer. Another is to pay the site a few dollars to endorse you  and position you to the top of the list of bidders. This way you can make money as you build your reputation.

Where to go from a freelance programmer.

I recommend you to become an iPhone application developer. You can visit for details on how to become one, and get all the tools and support you need. With a newly acquired skill you can develop different kinds of iPhone application as well as games, and put them in the store to make money for  in every download.

Here are some lists of freelance programmer sites.