Blogging and Making Money on Amazon

There are so many ways of earning money online one of them is earning via Amazon is an associate program that pays a fee for sending customers to them. But before you do this you have to make sure that your bog is already generating a lot of traffic. Read my article More Blogging More Traffic More Money for information regarding this topic.

Considering the content of your site and the intention of the reader.

Why is it so important to consider the content of your site and the intention of the reader in promoting product form Amazon. It is because your content will become the guide that will solidify the intention of the reader. Bear in mind that you are promoting a product on Amazon and your intention is to produce sales. Therefore your blog must be a guide or review about the product that you are promoting to entice the reader to buy that product.

Example, If your blog is about laptop products. You have to write reviews on different kinds of laptop models. Because the intention of your readers is to  find a good laptop that is suitable for their needs. If the content of your blog and the intention of your readers concord with each other, then your blog will produce better results on earning money at Amazon. The short explanation to this is that. Your site is about laptop models, you must  think that your readers are searching for a laptop model that will fit their needs, it is clear that you must endorse a  laptop product.

blog topic = product = readers intention.

Adding Amazon products to your blog.
  1. Sign in an Amazon associate account .
  2. Hover on the Links and Banner tab then click Product Link.
  3. Search for a product you that you want to promote.
  4. Click on the "get link" button of the product you choose.
  5. Customize  your product link.
  6. Get the HTML Code For The Product Link.
  7. Got to your blog or website.
  8. Paste the HTML Code to your HTML  template.
  9. Check the product link for your desired alignment or placement and your done!

This is a the final example of your product link.

Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

You are a blogger, great in blogging. You write everything right from your mind,writing tutorials about your technical knowledge and experiences. You love to share everything you know and written allot of articles on your site. You noticed that you have great articles but the problem is no one is reading on it. Why? that is because your site lack something, the lack of  "visibility".

How to make your site visible to the world.

How can your site get the attention that it deserves. The simple solution to this is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is a technique used by bloggers and webmasters to promote their blogs and sites to the world. By using SEO you will have higher ranking on major search engines that will exponentially improve your sites exposure and visibility to the readers.

What are the types of SEO.

There are three types of SEO, the white hat SEO, gray hat SEO, and black hat SEO. White hat SEO is an SEO that lives and does by the book, which means it is an ethical SEO. Black hat SEO is the opposite of white hat SEO and does do something very unethical just to achieve their goals of risings through the ranks and getting a massive traffic. Gray hats SEO comes in between the line of white hat and black hat search engine optimization, which means doing both.

The white hat SEO.

The white hat search engine optimization is a ethical but a slow type of optimization. Because white hat SEO is done by the book, it improves the sites search engine rank without the risk of harming or penalizing your own site.

Examples that a white hat SEO does:
  • Researching relevant keywords that suits your topic. This keywords will be used in your  tags, meta tags, alt tags, page titles, headings, link anchor text, and other page contents.
  • Adding informative and quality contents regularly.
  • Being active in communities that has relevance to the blogs topic, makes the blog or site more popular because of its contribution.
  • Interviewing popular webmasters and bloggers, making them write an article to your site or about your site.
  • Continuously submitting an article to popular article sites and organizations.  
  •  Validating all HTML and CSS codes.
  • Creating sitemaps to prevent and detect broken links, this will ensure that search engine bots will crawl in all links.

The black hat SEO.
The black hat search engine optimization is a technique the improves the blog or sites position by doing unethical methods. The black hat SEO tricks search engines into giving the site a higher rank on searches than its actual position.

Examples that a black hat SEO does:
  • Keyword stuffing or stacking, this is the overusing of keywords in alt tags, meta tag, descriptions, comment tags,site or blog contents, etc. 
  • Putting stack of keywords on the site that has same color as its background. Meaning, "it cant be seen by the readers".
  • The use deception by cloaking and gateway pages, gateway page is a page with a large stack of keywords that only search engines can see because readers are automatically redirected to the real website or blog.
  • Spamming with  links on  forums, blogs, and other social media sites.
  • Link farming or exchanging links that has no relevance to the topic. It is done just for the sake of creating massive amount of links that is pointed to the target site or blog.

The gray hat SEO.
The gray hat SEO is using a hybrid technique, A mixture of white hat and black hat SEO. Gray hat SEO is a little bit out of the book methods but does not take more risk than black hat SEO.

In my own opinion, there are only two sides of Search Engine Optimization. The white hat and the black hat SEO, because the moment that you use black hat SEO methodology, is the moment the you deceive and trick people. And in deceiving and tricking people you are already practicing black hat SEO.

Blogging and Making Money Online

Many of us are working an average of 9 hours a day 6 days a week just to earn a few dollars of money, many of us are staying at home and generating almost nothing productive. But in the advent of internet and online technology all of us will get the chance to earn the money or the income we need to live a good life, a great life perhaps. In this site i will teach you how to make money online in a newbie perspective.

Whats the difference between making money online  and making money the traditional way, making  money online gives you the freedom to do what you want to in a day to day basis. You can go anywhere you like and work in the  places your comfortable with. The freedom that the guys earning money in a traditional way does not enjoy. Making money online is a very sweet life because you wont be having a boss at all, you are the boss.

Making money online is great but it is not an easy task. The learning curve is very stiff and rough, you must prepare your self for a tedious task. The task of committing your self to it and love it. You have to learn to love and be passionate on it because its the only way that you will overcome all those unexpected problems that will come with.

There are two kinds of category in making money online:
  •  Sell your own products and services.  The biggest of this sites are ebay and amazon, but here are lists of other sites:
  •  Promote products and services of others. The idea is to set up a site that will encourage a lot of traffic or viewers, viewers that will click your adds and serve as potential costumers to those sites and companies that you are promoting. In return of your services, you will receive a fair amount of money for every click  that your traffic will generate.
      what do you need?
  1. A Paypal account, there are other payment systems such as e-gold and moneybookers but Paypal is the most convenient payment system.
  2. An email account, you can register  for free at and
  3. A free or paid web hosting., and are samples of free web hosting sites.
If you are serious in this kind of activity, you must have a mindset of being diligent and patient. Because in  making money online being smart is not enough.

More Blogging More Traffic More Money

The first thing in the mind of a blogger.

The first thing in mind of a blogger is "how and where to get those massive traffic". Where would  he start, what would he do to get those massive traffic. To get those massive traffic the first thing and the most important thing to do is to have a good and informative articles. Articles that will make the reader go back and spread those information that he found on your web site.

To do this you have ask your self, "what subject or what field of expertise do i have or i love". You have to write all those things that you know in order to excite your readers and make your site as their  future reference.
Always remember this:   Quality blogging > Massive Traffic > More Money.

What is the use of a great blogger without an audience.

After building a good content you will now start the technique called SEO or Search Engine Optimization, this technique is used to invite massive traffic to your website. There are two types of SEO, the onsite and offsite SEO.

The onsite SEO is a technique of adding the most important keywords into your site and into your contents. Example if your site is about "newbies money making online", you have to add the key words "newbie", "money", "making", "generate", "online" etc. to your contents, but beware of stacking them too much because your readers might be annoyed by that, keep it as strategic and as little as possible.

The offsite SEO is another technique in search engine optimization. The principle of this technique is to spread the links to your website and tell the world that your site exist and you have this great content waiting to be unleashed.

There are so many ways of doing offsite SEO.
  • Giving comment to posts that has relevance to your  topic, but make sure you don't spam this too much or you might end up being banned on those sites. Give comments that will praise the author or give some tips and information that will encourage other users to go visit your links.
  • Registering your  site to search engines, the fastest way to do this is via:
  • Use email news letter that will promote your blog.
  • Exchanging links to your fellow bloggers that has relevance to your topic.
  • Getting active in an online communities and register in an online traffic boosting sites such as:
  1. trafficswarm
  2. trafficroundup
  3. trafficpods
  • Send articles to article directories such as:
The technique of link building are endless!  you just have to be creative in doing this. Keep spreading you links and in time, you will see the exponential amount of traffic that will storm your site.

When massive traffic comes. 

When the time has come that your blog site is already generating a massive amount of traffic. This is the time to monetize your site. This is the time to promote adds to your blog. This is the time to tap that potential energy(massive traffic) and make it to an income generating blog, converting massive traffic to huge amount of money!.