Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

You are a blogger, great in blogging. You write everything right from your mind,writing tutorials about your technical knowledge and experiences. You love to share everything you know and written allot of articles on your site. You noticed that you have great articles but the problem is no one is reading on it. Why? that is because your site lack something, the lack of  "visibility".

How to make your site visible to the world.

How can your site get the attention that it deserves. The simple solution to this is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is a technique used by bloggers and webmasters to promote their blogs and sites to the world. By using SEO you will have higher ranking on major search engines that will exponentially improve your sites exposure and visibility to the readers.

What are the types of SEO.

There are three types of SEO, the white hat SEO, gray hat SEO, and black hat SEO. White hat SEO is an SEO that lives and does by the book, which means it is an ethical SEO. Black hat SEO is the opposite of white hat SEO and does do something very unethical just to achieve their goals of risings through the ranks and getting a massive traffic. Gray hats SEO comes in between the line of white hat and black hat search engine optimization, which means doing both.

The white hat SEO.

The white hat search engine optimization is a ethical but a slow type of optimization. Because white hat SEO is done by the book, it improves the sites search engine rank without the risk of harming or penalizing your own site.

Examples that a white hat SEO does:
  • Researching relevant keywords that suits your topic. This keywords will be used in your  tags, meta tags, alt tags, page titles, headings, link anchor text, and other page contents.
  • Adding informative and quality contents regularly.
  • Being active in communities that has relevance to the blogs topic, makes the blog or site more popular because of its contribution.
  • Interviewing popular webmasters and bloggers, making them write an article to your site or about your site.
  • Continuously submitting an article to popular article sites and organizations.  
  •  Validating all HTML and CSS codes.
  • Creating sitemaps to prevent and detect broken links, this will ensure that search engine bots will crawl in all links.

The black hat SEO.
The black hat search engine optimization is a technique the improves the blog or sites position by doing unethical methods. The black hat SEO tricks search engines into giving the site a higher rank on searches than its actual position.

Examples that a black hat SEO does:
  • Keyword stuffing or stacking, this is the overusing of keywords in alt tags, meta tag, descriptions, comment tags,site or blog contents, etc. 
  • Putting stack of keywords on the site that has same color as its background. Meaning, "it cant be seen by the readers".
  • The use deception by cloaking and gateway pages, gateway page is a page with a large stack of keywords that only search engines can see because readers are automatically redirected to the real website or blog.
  • Spamming with  links on  forums, blogs, and other social media sites.
  • Link farming or exchanging links that has no relevance to the topic. It is done just for the sake of creating massive amount of links that is pointed to the target site or blog.

The gray hat SEO.
The gray hat SEO is using a hybrid technique, A mixture of white hat and black hat SEO. Gray hat SEO is a little bit out of the book methods but does not take more risk than black hat SEO.

In my own opinion, there are only two sides of Search Engine Optimization. The white hat and the black hat SEO, because the moment that you use black hat SEO methodology, is the moment the you deceive and trick people. And in deceiving and tricking people you are already practicing black hat SEO.