How to Make Money Online Quickly

The Story of Dorris and Dofus

Today, I wanted to tell you the tale of two internet marketers, Dorris and Dufus. These two new marketers decided they were going to find a path to a full time income by each creating 100 sites. Dorris decided to go after keywords that had barely any competition in off the wall niches while Dufus decided that he had the “cure for cancer” up his sleeve and knew the best “acne treatments”.

After two months of building sites, Dorris finds she’s making 40 dollars a day while Dufus, despite the fact that he has an incredible wealth of knowledge to share about cancer, skin care and Obama loans, is only make a few pennies a day.

Does this sound familiar? If you have been working at this game (and I mean real work) for several months are getting Dufus’s results, I can tell you right now folks, there are probably two things you are doing wrong: you are picking niches that have TOO much competition or/and you are picking the wrong niches

I don’t dispute that going after high paying competitive niches can pay off in the end. BUT, you better be willing to sell your soul to the gods of backlinking for a year or two OR have a powerful personal network to help aid your ranking.

If you don’t, you are going to try ranking your sites very hard for three months, then give up when you find that your 10-year old niece made more money selling lemonade on a Monday than you did with 4 months of Internet Marketing.

It’s possible to make money online QUICKLY (as in a few weeks or months) if you do your keyword research right. Impossible right? You need months of hardcore backlinking to make money, right? Dozens of pages of content? Google holy water blessed by Matt Cutts? Nope, nope, nope, and definitely fucking not.

Let’s talk about something called the .50 a day site. Not a lot of glory, but they can make you consistent money en bulk. Everyone wants a single 3k a month site. I imagine it’s nice. You can call up your dad and say “Gee Dad, I’ve got this cool website that makes me 3k a month. I’m balling. Now I can wear midget thongs and watch Hero reruns all day AND get paid for it.” Good for you and I hope you like Heroes, because I sure don’t.

But you see, golly geez, it actually takes you a lot of god damn work to make a couple thousand dollars a month with a single site. Unless you seriously luck out with your keyword search, you might be looking at thousands of backlinks and 6 months to a year of work.

But our little modest .50 a day sites can make money faster. You see. .50 a day ain’t a lot. But when you times that by 100 or 200, all the sudden you have an income.

I’m not saying this is the only way to make money. But if you want to make money online sooner then later, you need to stop looking at the sky and start looking at the ground.

Now, I’m not saying if you want to pick out 10 paying keywords in competitive niches and play SEO for 6 months or a year that you can’t make oodles of money. You can, and Internet Marketers with a lot of experience (and the networks to back them up) do this. But if you are not a star SEO, an experienced marketer, or some young backlinking hotshot, you’re going to find it’s not that easy to rank those 10 sites for acne, obama loans, and make money online niches.

I’m also not arguing that spending a lot of time on a few authority sites is not the way to go long term. I’d love to have a nice harem of authority sites that earn me thousands of dollars each, but alas, that’s not going to be for a couple years.

You can look at going deep to make money (authority, lots of backlinks) or you can go wide (lots of little sites). Ideally, you want a mix of both. But if you have to choose between the two, I’d say go very fucking wide, build up a full time income, then dig down deep.

I’ve realized that for people to succeed with making money online, they need to see some results. It can be pretty damn rough spending a year working hoping in a pie-in-the-sky sort of way that you will make money. But if you start to see results, you are going to more likely bust your ass even harder, which will help you earn more.

Because no doubt people will be asking for me to write a tutorial on “how to make .50 cents a day with a niche blog”, here are eight points:

1. Get Exact Keyword Domains

2. Don’t be afraid of very low exact searches

3. Don’t trust google keyword tool CPC – it lies big time. .05 cpc could give .50 clicks and $80 could give .05 clicks.

4. Create between 50-100 domains

5. Have 5 posts of targeted, well written, helpful content on each site


7. Use the most god awful ugliest theme you can find


Well, I lied about #8, sorry.

It’s important that you guys pick niches that aren’t the weightloss, health, skincare, dating that every other IM loves to spam. There is money in these niches, yes. But a lot of competition too. Competition, guys, means it’s a lot harder to get your pages RANKING high enough to get traffic. However, you will have to experiment for yourself. But there are a lot of niches out there that don’t have to do with getting rid of bad skin, losing fat in 30 days, finding Obama loans, and guessing the color of Britney’s underwear.

There are millions of untapped niches guys. Many of these are easy to rank for. Which means you get traffic fast and, if the audience is receptive, clicks.
Adsense Sniper Progress

Ok, so how are these snipers doing? Well, I’ve been working on backlinks for the past 3 weeks (cough…i mean for 5 days) and I only have about 1/10 actually backed up.


As you can see, my earnings have gone up, somewhat. Maybe not dramatically, but I’m breaking 100’s often and sometimes did deep into the next hundred. Average  is almost at 100 bucks a day. A full time income right there. Now, in about a month and a half I probably put up an additional 40 sites and I was doing some other things and in the process of quitting my job.The past 3 weeks, I’ve also done almost fuck all, so definetly not as much progress as I could have had put putting 3 weeks of real work into these.

However, I’ve finally started do SEO work on every single one of the snipers. I’m currently at 12 out of 105 (started past week). I’m hoping to god I can be done with the 105 by the end of this month, but I don’t have my hopes that high. It might take a few more weeks after the end of the month. Once I’m done, I’m going back and picking out the top 5-10 sites that I fee can earn 20-60 bucks a day, and will spend a solid month building backlink networks for each site. This should drastically jump up my earnings. We should see a pretty big increase in my earnings as I will only be backlinking these snipers over the next 2 weeks to a month. It may be early to make predictions, but I’d like to see these sites, after I finish the initial backlinking run on all 105, doing about 200 (6k a month) in adsense a day, though I’d LOVE to see 300 a day (9k a month). When I pick out the 5-10 winners and do some real SEO work on them for a month, I may be able to get another 100-200 bucks a day out of the snipers. Now, these are some heavy predictions…200-500 bucks a day from these sites, but based on what I’ve seen, very possible. But, we’ll see how it goes.

After these 105 are done, I’m going to do another 100. I may do 100 ebay snipers before I do another 100 adsense snipers, just to diversify. We’ll see how that goes.