Making Money Online and Photography

Making Money Online by using you photography skills, isn't that wonderful to hear!. Your getting paid for doing what you love. In this age of digital camera everyone will get the chance to take photographs of their favorite subjects and earn money from it. One way is to upload your photos to a Microstock sites.

What is a Microstock site. 
Microstock is the name of websites that sells different kinds of photographs and illustrations in a very low price. The concept for this is that instead of selling each photograph in a high price once, why not sell it for a low price but in a number of times. Making money online by just sitting back, isn't that sweet.

What do you Need to Earn Money on Microstock sites.
  • Obviously you need a decent camera, at least 4 megapixel in resolution. 
  • A know how, you need to know the basics of photography, rule of thumbs, proportionality, lighting etc.
  • Passion on photography, this is your core. This is where you will be getting your strength in hard times.
  • A time to take photos, hundreds or even  thousands of photos.
  • A decent internet access fast enough to upload your photos.

The Strategy to Make Money Online on Microstock sites.
  • You have to get a high approval rate on your photo uploads so that you will be given more photo upload limit in the future. To get this you have to be very careful of uploading your photos, choose your best photographs to prevent denials. High percentage of denials on you uploads will result to a lesser upload limit per day. 
  • To earn money on microstock sites you have to do this by the numbers, the more photographs that you upload the higher the chance of getting more money. 
  • Be patient and build your portfolio one day at a time. 
  • Upload your photos on different sites, different sites have different rules but they will still pay you for each photo of yours that they will sell.
  • Upon uploading your photograph, you have to choose your keywords carefully. Your keywords must only describe the things that can be seen on your photograph. Put as many keywords as you can that describes your photograph because this is the key that will help buyers find your photograph.
  • Retouch your photos, edit it as much as you can to make it pleasing to the eyes of the buyers. Learning to use photo editing tools will help you very much in this kind of business.
  • Continue learning, continue to improve your skills.
  • Get to know people, know what others are doing.

Here are List of Microstock sites that you might wanna start from.