Blogging and Making Money on Amazon

There are so many ways of earning money online one of them is earning via Amazon is an associate program that pays a fee for sending customers to them. But before you do this you have to make sure that your bog is already generating a lot of traffic. Read my article More Blogging More Traffic More Money for information regarding this topic.

Considering the content of your site and the intention of the reader.

Why is it so important to consider the content of your site and the intention of the reader in promoting product form Amazon. It is because your content will become the guide that will solidify the intention of the reader. Bear in mind that you are promoting a product on Amazon and your intention is to produce sales. Therefore your blog must be a guide or review about the product that you are promoting to entice the reader to buy that product.

Example, If your blog is about laptop products. You have to write reviews on different kinds of laptop models. Because the intention of your readers is to  find a good laptop that is suitable for their needs. If the content of your blog and the intention of your readers concord with each other, then your blog will produce better results on earning money at Amazon. The short explanation to this is that. Your site is about laptop models, you must  think that your readers are searching for a laptop model that will fit their needs, it is clear that you must endorse a  laptop product.

blog topic = product = readers intention.

Adding Amazon products to your blog.
  1. Sign in an Amazon associate account .
  2. Hover on the Links and Banner tab then click Product Link.
  3. Search for a product you that you want to promote.
  4. Click on the "get link" button of the product you choose.
  5. Customize  your product link.
  6. Get the HTML Code For The Product Link.
  7. Got to your blog or website.
  8. Paste the HTML Code to your HTML  template.
  9. Check the product link for your desired alignment or placement and your done!

This is a the final example of your product link.